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COVID-19 Response

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COVID-19 has changed the way families, schools and relationships function. It has added stress that can worsen pre-existing emotional and behavioral conditions. The need for mental health treatment is now greater than ever. Parents are exhausted. Children are often not coping well.

Once COVID-19 forced us to move to online consultations, we were prepared. We already were seeing college students remotely once they had left the area to go to school out of town. We use simple and secure, end-to-end encrypted software for this purpose. We are finding that this method of telepsychiatry is surprisingly effective and – because of the age of our patients – a natural fit. When you have an office visit with us, it is almost like being in the same room. We conduct our conversations 100% confidentially, both with and without the adults in the same room as the child or teen. When we see our patients in person, we take a weight and blood pressure before each visit; with telehealth visits our patients do it themselves and report it to us. We order lab tests and prescription medications just as we always have, using an electronic interface. Everything is HIPAA-compliant. For telemedicine, we use a provider such as; traffic is sent over a HTTPS interface using full volume encryption and 256-bit AES encryption keys that are rotated regularly. It does not store ePHI.


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