Parents worry about their children when they notice changes in behavior, problems at school, moodiness, sleep disturbances or difficulties with relationships. Sometimes these are part of the ordinary process of growing up. Sometimes, unfortunately, they may be part of a larger and potentially serious problem. An experienced, skilled psychiatrist can be invaluable. He can help families navigate issues that are confusing, ambiguous, difficult and even frightening when it comes to helping children grow up to be healthy, positive, productive individuals.

Advancements in Care

Psychiatry and Neurology have made huge advances over the past ten years, and continue to evolve. Research supports newer, cutting-edge modalities that psychiatrists can incorporate into traditional supportive psychotherapy and family therapy. For example, older medications which only partially worked are being replaced or augmented by patient-specific biological treatments.

Dr. Rauch’s expertise with developmental stages and family dynamics have proven to be a valuable resource to many parents. He’ll get to know your child in depth. He works closely with the family to provide the highest caliber of medical and psychiatric treatment.

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