Treatment Model

Our Program


Dr. Rauch considers the total individual in terms of his/her/their physical health, emotional profile, genetic influences, overall adjustment, and current symptoms or complaints.

What shapes an individual’s personality?
What are the stumbling blocks?
What has worked in the past?
What has been missing or overlooked?
What has been tried, but does not work?
What new solutions can be implemented?

Dr. Rauch creates a highly detailed, individualized treatment plan. This is done with advanced diagnostic methods and complex analyses of biological, medical, and emotional factors. He follows the patient and family at regular intervals to assess progress and address other concerns that may arise. He provides support all along the way.

The goal is to achieve effective, rapid, sustainable and positive outcomes. Dr. Rauch’s program is most successful when patients and families are highly motivated individuals who become an active part of their treatment process.

As a participant in this program, you will be a partner in reaching success, and have a voice in determining your treatment options.


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